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Shayna Simone: How to Become a Six Figure CEO Stylist

September 9, 2019

Shayna Simone is a licensed cosmetologist and the owner of Amora Luxe Salon in Birmingham MI. She started her career 5 years ago and she has expanded her brand to multiple 6 figures and her journey continues. Shayna created a course to help stylist and beauty professionals to fast track their way to becoming a Six Figure CEO Stylist. 

Are you a beauty professional frustrated with your business?  Not seeing the growth you wished for? Feeling underpaid & overworked? It's time to go from stuck to successful. It's time to go from slow to in-demand.

It's time to build your dream clientele. Are you ready?  The Six Figure CEO Stylist program is built to give beauty professionals a clear-cut plan for major success in the industry.  You will see huge growth in only 6 short weeks.

In this interview, Shayna shared her journey to success. She dived into her course as well. She shared details about business credit and so much more!

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